Shape adjustment and assembly
        Handmade for some simple metal parts embryo Shape adjustment And Metal parts assemebly form
       For some stamping and casting forming Metal parts can not working holes use the precsion handmade drilling working can reduce cost .
Laser Welding
        Precsion Laser welding the small metal Parts and firm assemebly .
Handmade Polished
       Handmade mirror polishing and Brushed effect On metal details such as jewelry accessories, watch accessories, luggage accessories, clothing accessories, belt buckles, etc.,
Laser Engraving
       Personalized custom your Brand and logo
IQC Semi-finished products
       All metal components are classified & inspected in our IQC according to the requirements listed on the design drawing before being put into mass production
PVD/IP Plating
       14K gold/18K gold/24K gold /Rose gold/Platinum Black/Color with PVD/IP Plating !
Assembly and IQC and Packing
        Cleaning and Plating after assembly and IQC before packingage .
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Mould and Design
        Mold designers with 15 years of experience Can quickly solve production process problems and Mould making and quickly develop a 3D printing Sample plan based on the product structure.
CNC Milling and Engraving
        Can working the stainless steel/Brass/Titanium Precision size for structure request of metal product CNC inlay gems and quickly develop a sample plan And mould makeing based on the product structure.
Stamped Processing Forming
        Can working the stainless steel/Brass/Titanium alloy 925 Sterling Silver With Precision Stamping mould Forming The metal product like the watch parts ,handbag Parts,Jewelry Parts And mould makeing based on the product structure.
Wax Mould Injection
        Suitable for complex three-dimensional Jewelry And Small quantity order , Low mould cost develop.
Casting by Lost Wax
        High temperature dissolution metal is poured into The plaster mold to forming,Like the pendant necklace ,bracelet,rings ,jewelry part ,crafts ect.....
        Efficiently handle burrs and dead skin, and polishing dead corners, reducing production time and costs.
Vibration Grinding